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July 1, 2022

De-Stress Your Holiday Party Test

Now that the holidays are here in full force, you may be gearing up for some seriously fun parties. Office parties, family parties, and even school parties for your little ones might be staring you down these next few weeks. With all the partying that might be going on, you might find it hard to slow down and actually enjoy yourself. Here are a few pointers to de-stress your next holiday get together:

  • Plan ahead. Whether you are the one throwing the party or you are just a guest, it is better to have a bit of a plan before you just jump right in. Sure, impromptu events can be fun. But during this hectic time of year it might be more enjoyable to know exactly who will be at the party, how much food is needed and what your purpose will be.
  • Will the party bring you as much joy as parties should? Will your presence bring joy to others? If the party will be more stressful than happy, do not feel guilty saying no.
  • Lessen you liability risk. If you are in charge of planning the office party this year, make it an optional event for employees. Nix the alcohol at the party. Allow your employees to bring guests to make them feel more comfortable. A simple gathering after work is all it really takes to let your employees know how much you appreciate them.
  • Don’t overthink it. Parties ARE meant to be fun. The more you worry about them, the less chance you have of enjoying all those fun parties. Just remember the festive spirit of the season and use it as a great chance to decompress after a long busy year.

We hope you have a wonderful stress-free holiday season this year!

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