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Umbrella Insurance

Most commercial and personal lines of liability coverage have policy limits, the maximum amount of coverage your policy will pay out for a covered claim. Unfortunately, some accidents, claims, or lawsuits can exceed the limits of your existing policy. An umbrella insurance policy can help provide coverage for costs exceeding your existing policy’s limits.

If you’re in the market for umbrella insurance, whether for your personal coverage or your business, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Simply put, umbrella insurance is a type of insurance policy that offers extra coverage beyond the limits of other existing policies. It can help provide coverage for bodily injuries, property damage, lawsuits, and other liability situations.

Umbrella insurance is offered for both commercial and personal lines of insurance.

  • Commercial umbrella insurance offers an extra layer of liability protection by covering costs beyond your business’s other liability coverage limits. A commercial umbrella policy can financially protect your company from the costs of liability claims, including libel, reputational damage, vehicular accidents, product liability or customer injury.
  • Personal umbrella insurance can give people extra coverage above and beyond their other personal liability insurance limits, such as their auto, homeowners or boat insurance, to safeguard their family and assets. A personal umbrella policy can help protect you from large and potentially devastating liability claims or judgments and provide coverage for injuries, property damage, certain lawsuits and personal liability situations.

Every policy is different, so be sure to work with an agent to determine whether an umbrella policy is right for you and how much coverage you need.

How to Get Umbrella Insurance

If you need umbrella insurance for personal or business purposes, call Elite Insurance Group to get started.

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