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Scheduled Property Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers valuables, but only up to a limited amount. An endorsement, known as scheduled property coverage, can increase your homeowners coverage limits to ensure your valuables are fully insured.

What Is Scheduled Property Insurance?

Scheduled property insurance is a supplemental insurance policy endorsement you can purchase to extend the standard personal property protection afforded to you under your home insurance policy. It is often used to ensure full coverage of various expensive items that may not be adequately covered under your home insurance policy.

How Does Scheduled Property Coverage Work?

Scheduled property coverage can be added to your homeowners insurance to raise payout limits on high-value items. In addition, with scheduled property insurance, your belongings may be fully insured regardless of if they’re damaged or stolen while you’re off-premises—up to their scheduled limit, anywhere in the world.

How to Get Scheduled Property Insurance

Scheduled property coverage may be the added protection you need for your valuables. Call Elite Insurance Group today to learn more about adding this endorsement to your homeowners policy.

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