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Media Advertising Insurance

Media advertising agencies quickly collect and convey large amounts of information daily. Media advertising insurance is critical for an ad agency, helping to ensure that if any issues arise, they’re covered.

What Insurance Offers Protection?

There are various insurance policies that a media advertising firm may need to be adequately protected against the risks it faces. Some of the most common include the following:

  • General liability insurance can help cover any claims your agency caused, including bodily injury, property damage to someone else’s belongings, and personal and advertising injuries, such as libel or slander.
  • Commercial property insurance can help protect the building and equipment you own or rent, such as computers, cameras, hard drives, supplies, tablets and essential documents.
  • Business income insurance can help replace your agency’s lost income if you cannot operate because of covered property damage, such as a fire or burglary.
  • Professional liability insurance may protect your business if a client sues your business for the professional services you provide.
  • Data breach insurance or cyber liability insurance may help you if personally identifiable information gets lost or stolen.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance helps pay benefits, such as wage replacement and medical expenses, to employees to help them recover from work-related injuries or illnesses.

Protect Your Agency’s Livelihood

The right insurance can protect your agency from substantial out-of-pocket costs if you experience a covered event. Contact Elite Insurance Group today to get started with coverage.

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