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Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is a plan offered by an employer providing health coverage to employees and their families. It may also be offered to members of an organization. Generally, group health insurance may be less expensive because the risk is spread across the policyholders.

How Does Group Health Insurance Work?

An employer or organization purchases health insurance, and group members or employees can opt in to receive coverage. They may pay a portion of the employer or organization’s premiums.

Accepting group health insurance is not mandatory. Each health plan is different, and you may have several plans from which to choose. Your agent can help you decide whether enrolling in group health insurance may provide your needed coverage.

What Are the Benefits of Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance premiums may be less expensive than purchasing an individual policy. Organizations that provide access to group health insurance for their members or employees may receive tax benefits.

Many job seekers consider access to group health insurance standard among benefits. Providing access to high-quality health care at a reduced cost could help an employer attract and retain top talent.

Learn More About Group Health Insurance

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