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Insurance for Apartment Complex Owners

Apartment complex owners encounter a variety of risks on a regular basis. Apartment complex owners insurance is designed to protect the building owners from claims or losses that result from that ownership. A comprehensive insurance portfolio can provide essential coverage. Contact Elite Insurance Group today for additional information.

What Coverages Are Available for Apartment Complex Owners?

Insurance policies can provide coverage for apartment complex owners and may include the following:

  • Property insurance—This may provide repair or replacement costs if the apartment complex or other structures on the property (e.g., garages or fences) are damaged by covered perils (e.g., fires and vandalism). Insurance for property left at the site to maintain the property (e.g., lawnmower) may also be available.
  • Liability insurance—This may provide coverage if you are legally responsible for third-party injuries or property damage that occur on your property. It may help pay for property loss, medical expenses and legal costs that arise from these incidents.
  • Business interruption insurance—This may cover rental income losses if a covered event forces you to shut down your rental operations temporarily.

Other coverages may be available. Our agency can provide more details on options, limits and exclusions.

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